Technical Writing

Technology helps drive most every company at some level. As such, good technical writing has a lot of value to any company. Technical writing is invaluable when it comes to communicating technical information to the entire business audience. Whether it is foundational IT documentation like policy and procedure, or something day-to-day like a script for a help desk, HMC Technology can help.

Policy and Procedure

Policies, Procedures, Standards, and Guidelines. They are the ‘not-fun’ part of business operations that are essential to things running smoothly on a day to day basis. A technical writer can help with these foundational documents by making sure that they are thorough, clear, and easily understood.


When a new product is brought online it often brings with it new processes. While these tasks are often outlined in documentation provided by the vendor, it is usually high-level and generic. A technical writer can take that general documentation and make it specific to a businesses needs and defined job categories.

Simply put, a business will get better value from a product if that product is thoroughly understood by the people who use it every day.