Migration Planning

Upgrades, migrations, and expansions: the three big tasks that an IT staff will have to handle during an application’s life cycle. Upgrades keep your installations current (and secure), migrations move them to newer environments, and expansions ensure your environments have the capacity your business needs. HMC Technology can help design, build, and implement the plan to make sure these tasks are completed successfully.


Upgrading your systems to the latest software and operating system releases can help ensure that your systems are running the latest security patches, and that any known vulnerabilities have been addressed. Upgrading also ensures that your systems are using the latest features and functionality available.

Upgrades are the most frequent of these tasks to be performed, but that doesn’t mean they should be taken lightly. There should be an upgrade plan in place that includes reliable backups, a verified test that shows the upgrade was a success, and a fallback plan in case the upgrade does not succeed.


Migrations are important in maintaining business continuity in the face of changing IT landscapes. This can be a back-end system getting replaced, or something larger like a migration of an on-prem application to the cloud. Moving to a modern environment can help optimize your system and improve performance.


Expanding your technology footprint is an essential part of growth. This can be building out a new room (or a new datacenter) for your on-prem hardware, or a new cloud environment for your production or disaster recovery needs. In any case, the environment you are expanding into needs to be secured and confirmed to be reliable before any production workloads are entrusted to it.